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Tenancy Deposit Disputes

Many disputes can be avoided with clear communication.

– Make it clear from the start of the tenancy
– Remind tenants when the tenancy is due to come to an end of their contractual obligations
– Have a verbal conversation and always follow up in writing
– Explain the importance of using recommended companies

No agent wants to hold onto a tenants deposit longer than they have to and go through the added process of arguing a dispute. Any claims raised from a deposit following checking out of a property should be clear and easy to understand.

According to the latest annual review from the Dispute Service, the top reason for disputes across the UK was cleaning. For over 12 years cleaning has topped the list as a reason for deposit disputes. In 2020, 47 per cent of disputes involved cleaning in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Damage to property came second on the list, appearing in 43 per cent of disputes.

Throughout the UK, redecoration was cited in 29 per cent of dispute claims, followed by rent arrears at 18 per cent and gardening at 12 per cent.

With this in mind you want an agent who prides themselves on communication and the ability to keep in touch throughout each and every tenancy, this ensuring the minimal of disruption at move out, thus keeping the deposit process as simple as possible.

If you are struggling with a tenancy, whether it be mid term or a tenancy which has come to an end, Christine’s Property Management are here and happy to help.