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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy, Christine’s Property Management Ltd

We collect personal data to help us find what you are looking for; whether that is a client looking for a new tenancy or a tenant looking for their new home.  We store this information to help look after you and your tenancy.  We will contact you via the information you provide us; namely telephone numbers and email addresses.  Data will only be shared with relevant parties and you will be informed of this prior to any sharing.

We will store a copy of your ID, which for tenants will be provided prior to moving into a property; this is required for the Right to Rent check.  ID will only be passed onto a relevant party (for landlords namely to letting agents (if on multi agency): for tenants, namely a landlord, letting agent or referencing company), at their request and with your prior consent.  We will also require the names and ages of any children residing at any property.  The names and ages of any children will not be passed onto any relevant party by Christine’s Property Management.

 We will keep hold of your personal data until your tenancy comes to an end and no further dealings on the property are required.  Your details will then be archived, however we may contact you in future times if we feel we can be of assistance to you.  If you wish for your information to be deleted once your tenancy has come to an end, please feel free to drop us an email and we will action this for you.

 We regularly review and, where necessary, update our privacy information.

 If we plan to use personal data for a new purpose, we update our privacy information and communicate the changes to individuals before commencing any new processing.

 We undertake an information audit to find out what personal data we hold and what we do with it.  We put ourselves in the position of the people we are collecting information about.  We carry out user testing to evaluate how effective our privacy information is.

 When providing our privacy information to individuals, we use telephone and email contact.  Information will be provided on paperwork such as terms and conditions of business, applicant forms, tenancy agreements and deposit registration.  These will be entered and held on our database to help with a smooth-running tenancy.

 Christine’s Property Management collects personal data from individuals directly and also from landlords, tenants and/or letting agents and if necessary, will be provided via other sources.

Personal data obtained includes, names, addresses, contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses), dates of birth, place of birth and relevant information to aid a new property portfolio instruction, a property move, relocation to a new home and the start of a new tenancy.  This information will only be passed onto relevant parties, such as landlords, tenants, letting agents, referencing companies and contractors.

We reserve the right to communicate such personal information we hold to third parties which seek the disclosure of it, if we are requested to do so by law or by a regulatory authority.

 We welcome any feedback and therefore should you have any concerns with our privacy policy please contact us on info@christinespropertymanagement.co.uk

 We may send a well-wishing message via email during seasonal periods.