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Preparing for a new Tenancy

 We have created a check list to help you through your tenancy move in; 

  • Make sure your property is legally compliant and you have arranged for all the safety checks to take place
  • Organise for a professional clean to take place prior to the start of the tenancy
  • Get all appliances tested and make sure they are in working order
  • Check all door handles are tightly fitted and all locks are working to doors and windows
  • If you are keen on your garden it may be an idea to employ a gardener to tend to the gardens during the tenancy
  • Test all bulbs are in working order
  • Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Have a full set of working keys for each tenant.  Keep a set back for yourself and, if required your agent (it is wise to make a copy of each key in case any get lost, this to include window keys and padlock type keys)
  • We would suggest an inventory and check in are completed for the new tenancy
  • If the property is supplied with soft furnishings these must have a fire safety label to meet regulations        
  • Make sure you have allocated the deposit correctly     
  • Ensure you have carried out the Right to Rent checks    

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