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Moving on

When it is time to move on you must make sure you hand the property back in the same clean condition as when you moved in.  If a professional clean was carried out for your check in please do not rely on anything other than a professional clean ready for checking out of your home.  Should an inventory clerk deem the property to not be in the same clean condition as which it was given to you in then you may be charged a cleaning cost to bring the property back up to standard.

If you are permitted a pet during your tenancy, the property must be professionally cleaned, including carpets, and fumigated prior to checking out and any damage made by the pet must be made good.

Make sure you cancel any direct debits for utilities once the final payments have been made and make sure your standing order for your rent is cancelled once the last rental payment has been settled.

If any damage has been caused during the tenancy please make sure this is rectified, to a professional standard prior to the checking of the inventory.  If damage has been caused and you are unsure how to make good please contact your agent or landlord.