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With the warmer weather approaching, we wanted to share some ways to keep your garden looking lovely…

    • Cut the grass regularly, it can be very therapeutic! Don’t forget to trim the edges to keep it in shape.
    • If you have some empty space why not add a new flower bed. Digging out a bed and adding new plants or flowers can instantly add some colour and fun to your garden. If you have no room or are unable to add a flower bed, investing in some flowerpots can do the trick.
    • Add some hanging baskets or boxes to your outdoor space. These can be hung from a fence or to the side of your property.
    • Outside lights will make your garden glow! You can get lights that stick into the ground, hang from the trees or trail along the fences giving you light on those warmer summer evenings.
    • Like a challenge? Why not try growing your own food… whether you create your own mini vegetable patch in a soil bed or grab some pots to grow the seeds. Nothing beats homemade food.

Don’t forget to water your garden regularly, where needed.

*If you are a tenant, make sure you have permission from your landlord/agent before making any changes.