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Five Winter Property Tips

Some helpful winter property tips as the colder months set in…


As the winter months creep in it is a good time to check your gutters are clear from the trees falling leaves.  If you are unable to reach the gutters yourself and need the help of a local contractor give us a call and let us organise the work for you.  The contractor will not only clear the gutters but check them to make sure they are in a good state of repair.


During the colder months you may find condensation around your windows, this left may turn to mildew and mould.  Condensation is caused by everyday activities such as showering, cooking, drying clothes and even boiling your kettle and breathing.  It is important, where possible to keep the property heated but also ventilated throughout the colder months.  Make sure extractor fans are working and used whenever showering and cooking.  If you do see any condensation or mould make sure you wipe it away as soon as possible to prevent any damage.


As Autumn makes an appearance you will feel the need to switch your heating back on.  When this happens check the individual radiators to make sure they are fully heating up.  If you find a radiator is only luke warm or not hot from top to bottom it may need bleeding.  This can be easily done with a radiator key.  This releasing any locked air from within allowing the radiator to full heat up and effectively warm your home.  If you require any help with bleeding your radiators we can send over one of our contractors who would be more than happy to show you how this is done.


As your home starts to feel the chill of the darker mornings and colder nights your boiler gets a wake up call and some older boilers cannot quite keep up.  It may be a good idea to have your boiler serviced so it is ready to use over the winter months.  Having a service carried out on your boiler can find any issues early on preventing a breakdown when you really need your home to be cosy and warm.  Our friendly contractors can pop over to your property and get this check done for you, leaving you with peace of mind that your boiler is in good working order and working to its full potential giving you the most economical costing on your utility bills.


Whether you are going away during the winter months or staying home, make sure you keep your heating set to a low temperature.  This will help regulate the temperature in your home and if you are going away should stop any pipes from freezing and bursting should an icy spell make an appearance.

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