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During your tenancy…

  • Make sure you have written permission from your agent or landlord before making any changes, removing or adding anything to the property
  • Report any issues as they happen so not to cause damage to the property
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly and change the batteries when required. Never remove the batteries for any reason.  Always have working alarms.
  • Make sure your rental payments are always paid and if you ever struggle to meet a payment you must contact your agent or landlord immediately to discuss and rectify the issue
  • Keep note of your tenancy obligations
  • Keep the property well ventilated at all times and free from condensation and mould
  • Remove any scale from water outlets, taps and shower heads regularly 
  • Allow access for maintenance works and important checks to take place 
  • Be considerate to your neighbours
  • Contact all utility suppliers to set up your accounts and keep up with regular payments 
  • Seek permission before extending your family with a pet
  • Understand that you are responsible for keeping drains and gutters free from becoming blocked