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DIY Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Blue tac to walls 

Moving into a new property can be very exciting, and whilst you will want to make it feel like home and perhaps put up a few photos on the walls, blue tac can be a BIG mistake. 

Blue tac is not the damage free solution you may think.  It leaves residue and grease type marks and can pull the paint and even the paper off the walls.  Damaging walls to the property means you may be charged a deduction from your deposit for making good at the end of your tenancy, and no one wants you to lose money for damage you didn’t mean to cause.  

Marks from blue tac are not considered wear and tear but damage. 

If you do want to hang items to the walls of the property during your tenancy make sure you always seek permission from your landlord and managing agent.  You will be liable to make good any damage caused to the affected walls before you leave and the check out of the property is carried out. 


Thinking of refreshing your woodwork?  We have put together these helpful tips… 

  • If your woodwork is bare you should consider treating it with a knotting solution first. This helps seal the wood and prevents discolouration. 
  • You should lightly sand the wood and apply a coat of primer before applying the paint. This helps to prevent flaking/peeling paint. 
  • Apply a number of thin coats, rather than fewer thick coats as your paint will look better and last longer.  Make sure you allow each coat to dry before applying the next.


Over-the-door hooks cause damage!

You may think that hanging a hook over your door is a good idea as there is no sticking onto or drilling into the back of doors.  However, these over-the-door hooks cause just as much, if not more damage.

They rub between the door and the frame and cause scuffs and scrapes and chips and dents causing damage that will need to be repaired and made good.

If you are a tenant, speak to your landlord/agent before investing in these hanging hooks.  The last thing you want is a deduction from your deposit for making damage you were trying to avoid.