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Cooking Tips

We’ve been doing a lot of cooking since lockdown and thought we would share some tips…

  • Use your hands; hands are extremely sensitive and sophisticated cooking tools.
  • Salt is your friend; kosher salt and sea salt have a much better flavour than ordinary table salt and using salt from start to finish will extract the most flavour from your ingredients.
  • Don’t overcrowd; be sure you can see the bottom of the pan between the pieces of food.
  • Reduce liquids to concentrate flavour.
  • Don’t be regimented; keep an eye on your food and you’ll know when its ready. Trust your judgement over the timer’s buzzer.
  • Similarly, with the ingredients trust your instincts; watch and experience your food as it cooks and use the recipe as a guideline, not an absolute rule. You’ll have more fun!
  • Add a final splash of acid; vinegar or citrus juice added to almost any food will perk up the flavour.
  • Keep your station tidy, clean as you go. No one wants to return to a messy kitchen after enjoying the lovely prepared meal.
  • Test before you serve; try your food before you dish up. It is very disappointing to sit down to eat and find it needs an extra 5 minutes in the pan.

We would love to see your finished dishes and your recipes so we can give it a try.

Whilst cooking always use your extractor fan and/or open the window to keep the room well ventilated.  Check and clean your extractor hood regularly and replace the filters when required.  Clean away any grease made during cooking to stop a build-up of grime to the appliances and surrounding areas.