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Professional Clean versus Domestic Clean

A common question… ‘Why can I not just clean the property myself?’

Below gives a description of the difference between a professional clean and a domestic clean.

Professional clean; a property that has been deep cleaned to an industry recognised standard of cleanliness.  A professional clean may entail steam cleaning of carpets, washing of tiles to include removing lime scale, cleaning of all sanitary wear, switches, sockets and light fittings, dusting and cleaning of all paint work etc.  Ensuring the property is ready for the new tenants arrival without having to clean any areas.  There will have been a charge made by a cleaning company to complete the work with a receipt available to prove as such.

Domestic clean; a property that has been cleaned to the standard of the average house spring clean.  Domestically clean should include for example, the cleaning of all kitchen cupboards and units (inside and out).  The removal of soap deposits, and lime scale in bathroom fitments, etc.  However, tenants may see fit to carry out their own general clean on arrival, before they move their items in.  No professional company will have been instructed and no charge would have been made for the clean.

We recommend a professional clean is carried out prior to any new tenancy with the agreement that the tenant returns the property in the same clean standard as which the property was received for them at check in.