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Are you ready to move into your new home?

We want to make your move as stress free as possible and have some tips to help you on your way…


  • Make sure you read all paperwork you are sent from your agent or landlord and make sure you are happy before you sign
  • Check the clauses within your Tenancy Agreement so you are aware of your obligations during your tenancy
  • Flag any points that may concern you immediately so they may be dealt with
  • If you are sent an inventory at the start of the tenancy make sure you are in agreement with the comments as this will form the documentation used to check you out of the property and when dealing with your deposit return
  • Save the welcome letter/email you receive from your agent or landlord as this will include important numbers and information that you may need during your tenancy
  • Make sure you set up your standing order ready for your rental payments
  • Contact the utility providers to set up your accounts
  • Test your appliances when you first move in to make sure they are working and you know how to use them (your agent or landlord will only know of any issues with appliances if they are flagged by the tenant)